The Empowered Method
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The Empowered Method
Looking to find out more about my signature program, The Empowered Method®? You're in the right place to find out how my unique 7-week signature program will teach you how to lose weight without giving up the food and drinks you love while balancing busy mom life.
  • Lose weight and burn fat

  • Gain more energy to power you through your day

  • Develop habits & routines that support an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle

  • Learn to track macros so you can eat foods you love while fueling your body for fat loss and performance 

  • Find lifelong friends - real moms that are encouraging, uplifting and just like you.

  • deal with your mindset blocks and learn how to stop the thought patterns that hold you back and keep you stuck

  • Leave feeling better in your skin than you have in years

  • Rediscover your strength, identity and purpose.


The Empowered Method® is where yo-yo dieting ends and you find food freedom and flexibly. 

The Empowered Method® has a Four Tiered Approach to helping you become the HEALTHIEST version of yourself:

  • Learn to ditch the all or nothing mentality for good

  • Learn how to love yourself now, while pursuing greater health and fitness

  • Set new intentions to better align with your future self

  • Gain mental ease around “dieting”, food and exercise

  • Identify bad habits that are holding you back

  • Establish new routines and habits that will be the foundation for your new approach to fitness and nutrition

  • Create routines that lead to success instead of relying on willpower

  • Find your flock, your community, your people in the Empowered community

  • Workout at home OR in the gym. No fancy equipment required. You simply need access to dumbbells.

  • Effective workouts you can do in less than 45 minutes each day

  • Both written and full length follow along workout videos are included.

  • All workouts are modifiable to meet your individual needs

  • Banish emotional eating for good. No more stress eating!

  • Learn how to balance your macro-nutrient intake for optimal energy and performance in the gym (I promise, it’s not as scary as it sounds)

  • Learn how to use intermittent fasting to improve digestion, fat burning, mental clarity and cellular regeneration.

What's The Empowered Method® give me?