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The Empowered Method
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The Empowered Method
The Empowered Method is your 7 week, lifestyle weight loss solution. Together we will change your mind, change your body and transform your life. 

What if this was the last time you said, "I've literally tried it all and nothing works anymore"? The Empowered Method has helped over 1,000 women finally crack the code on weight loss using a sustainable lifestyle approach to dieting. We want to help you too!

✓ You've tried every possibly program to lose weight and nothing seems to

    work anymore

✓ You know you want to feel more energized yet you are so exhausted you

    can't imagine adding one more thing to do to your plate

✓ You want to look and feel better in your skin

✓ You are consistently working out, but not seeing any movement on the

    scale or in photos

✓ You don't want to waste money on yet another program that won't work

    for you

✓ You feel stuck, exhausted, unmotivated and like a failure

✓ You don't have a lot of time to dedicate to complicated meal prep or



✓ Lose weight and burn fat without giving up foods and drinks you love

✓ Repair your sluggish metabolism

✓ Fuel your body for optimal hormone balance, energy and performance

✓ Gain more energy to power you through your day

✓ Develop habits & routines that support an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle

✓ Learn to track macros so you can eat foods you love while fueling your body for 

    fat loss and performance

✓ Learn how to enjoy social situations, vacations and parties while still making progress

    towards your goal

✓ Learn a lifestyle approach to dieting so you can lose the weight AND keep it off 

✓ Find your flock - real women that are encouraging, uplifting and just like you.

✓ Deal with your mindset blocks and learn how to stop the thought patterns that

    hold you back and keep you stuck

✓ Leave feeling better in your skin than you have in years

✓ Rediscover your strength, identity and purpose


The Empowered Method® is where yo-yo dieting ends and you food freedom and your fittest mind and body begins.

The Empowered Method® has a Four Tiered Approach to helping you become the HEALTHIEST version of yourself:

  • Learn to ditch the all or nothing mentality for good

  • Learn how to love yourself now, while pursuing greater health and fitness

  • Set new intentions to better align with your future self

  • Gain mental ease around “dieting”, food and exercise

  • Identify bad habits that are holding you back

  • Establish new routines and habits that will be the foundation for your new approach to fitness and nutrition

  • Create routines that lead to success instead of relying on willpower

  • Find your flock, your community, your people in the Empowered community

  • Workout at home OR in the gym. No fancy equipment required. You simply need access to dumbbells.

  • Effective workouts you can do in less than 45 minutes each day

  • Both written and full length follow along workout videos are included.

  • All workouts are modifiable to meet your individual needs

  • Custom tailored macros based on your unique body and goals

  • Learn how to balance your macro-nutrient intake for optimal energy and performance in the gym (I promise, it’s not as scary as it sounds)

  • Ditch the "good food/bad food" narrative

  • Learn how to eat foods you enjoy in a way that supports your goals

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✓ You need to give up carbs to lose weight

✓ Just eat less and exercise more

✓ Long cardio sessions are best for fat loss

✓ You have to cut out all "fun" foods if you want to lose weight

✓ Eat 1200 calories per day for weight loss

✓ Strength training will make you bulky and manly

✓ You need a "detox" to jump start your weight loss


From that experience I made it my mission to find a better way. Believe me when say that I've tried it all....I've literally tried it ALL. Low carb, whole 30 tiny colored containers, shakes, cleanses, pills....

It wasn't all that long ago that I was postpartum with my son and trying to lose the baby weight. I thought these programs would work. I did all the cardio and ate a low calorie diet only to be exhausted and miserable. Not only was I miserable, but I was making everyone around me miserable too. 

I can remember my son running actual circles around me while I laid on the couch wondering how I was going to find the energy to make it through another day of momming to turn around and head to my stressful corporate job. And don't get me started on the brain fog. I thought I was losing my mind and sometimes worried it if would lead to losing my job.

That's when I started combining different strategies. I took what worked for me from a diet perspective and started trying to pair it with various exercise strategies and after years of trial and error I discovered my Method. Now I spend my time teaching other women how to lose weigh in an effective and sustainable way.

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✓ I have the energy to keep up with my two young 
    kids and actually be present
✓ I eat foods that I love every single day
✓ I deprive myself of nothing
✓ I am stronger and fitter than I've ever been 
✓ I am confident in my skin 
✓ I am surrounded by a flock of women that uplift
    and support me on my hardest days



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With The Empowered Method there is no overwhelming struggle to figure things out on your own. I’m going to walk you through this holistic lifestyle change slowly. You’ll get bite-sized steps with mountains of support.
The Empowered Method includes:
  • A 7-Week Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset Program designed for women who want to lose weight without giving up food and drinks they love while balancing mom life. ($399 value)

  • The "success formula" to set you up for success within the program before we ever get officially started. Laid out in bite size chunks to cut down the feelings of overwhelm and ensure you never feel like you're 'failing' again. ($99 value)

  • The "never fall off" approach to accountability. ($700 value)

  • Mindset workbook + journal, habits & routines workbook, goal/habit tracker ($47 value)

  • A custom weekly check in form to help keep you accountable and update the TEM coaching team on your progress. You'll even have the option to request that a coach contacts you for more support as needed. ($450 value)

  • Tailored to You Custom Macro Calculation ($99 value)

  • Group coaching sessions with TEM creator, Lindsey Bush, to help you troubleshoot, stay motivated, and take your results to the next level. ($600 value)

  • Take the Guess Work Out of Snacking with the Macro Balanced Snack Guide with 20 nutritionally balanced snack ideas ($19 value)

  • Never Shop Confused Again Grocery List ($19 value)

  • 10 Minute Meal Prep Guide ($47 value)

  • Recipe guide with over 30 quick, easy and macro friendly recipes. Have dinner on the table in less than 15 minutes! ($99 value)

  • Macro Cheat Sheet ($19 value)

  • Sample meal plans ($47 value)

  • 7 weeks of Fat Burning and Strength Building workout plans which can be completed at the gym or at home ($199 value)

  • Get trained at home by me and learn to love working out with the full length follow along workout videos ($349 value)

  • Accountability and a supportive community of women just like you + me as your coach to keep you on track

  • A personalized approach within the group to teach you how to deal with your mindset, lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition.

  • Real RESULTS that last! (PRICELESS!)

You'll receive $3,357 worth of value for only $399!

Next session begins with prep week on 1/8/2024

✓ Have more energy

✓ Develop entire new mindset when it comes to dieting

✓ Be physically stronger

✓ See noticeable changes to your body

✓ No longer obsess about how to lose weight because you'll 

    know exactly what to do.

✓ Overhaul your metabolism

✓ Establish new habits and routines that will continue to propel

    you towards your goals

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This program is about so much more than just weight loss.

I truly believe that if you want your best body - the one that is fitter, leaner and stronger than you could possibly imagine it being, you’ve got to deal with your mindset FIRST.


That requires so much more than a diet and some workouts. This is way more than a weight loss program - it’s a community. The Empowered Method® is a safe space to crush all of your limiting beliefs, rebuild an abundant way of thinking and learn how to shed fat without sacrificing the foods you love, your social life or your sanity. 

  • How can I contact you? 

       You can reach me via email at Please allow 48 business hours for a   


  • Do I need Facebook to particiapte? 

       Yes. Our daily check ins take place in our private Facebook Coaching Group. If you wish to remain

        off social media from a personal perspective, consider creating an account specifically for T.E.M. 

        interaction. We have many clients that only use Facebook for T.E.M. related interactions.

  • Do I need a gym membership?

       ​No. All of my workouts are designed to be done at home with minimal equipment. 

  • What equipment is needed?

        A set of light and heavy dumbbells. An adjustable bench and resistance bands are nice to have,              but not required for the workouts.

  • I have low thyroid function and/or Hashimotos. Will this program work for me?

       ​Absolutely. I've worked with many women with hormonal related issues with a great deal of success.

  • Do you have experience working with breastfeeding moms?

       ​Lots! You will simply note that you are breastfeeding on your custom macro intake form and that

       will be factored into the custom macros that I calculate for you.

  • Do you include meal plans?

        ​Sample meal plans are included in the program materials however it is my goal to teach you how

        to eat foods YOU enjoy in a way that appropriately fuels your body for fat loss.

  • What does the accountability look like?

       ​My coaches and I are there to support you in our private Facebook coaching group on a daily basis.

       My most successful clients check in regularly by posting a daily update along with their macros. I   

       also provide you with a weekly check in form. This form is an excellent tool to reflect on your weekly

       progress as well as provide me with more specific update on how things are going for you. You can

       also request to have a coach contact you for more support if needed/desired.

REFUND POLICY: Due to the digital nature of the course, and my confidence that you will love the program, no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. Please make sure that the course feels like a good fit for you, before enrolling. Email with any questions!

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