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What to eat, when to eat and navigating social situations while "dieting"

Believe it or not summer is winding down. Labor Day Weekend typically marks the official "end of summer" for many people. I, for one, am ready. I love summer but I'm over it. This summer has been wonderful but exhausting. I am ready for the fresh, cool, crisp fall air and all the fall activities. But with the end of summer comes all those final Labor Day BBQ's!

Every single one of my clients expresses anxiety about how to handle their nutrition when "life events" pop up either before they enroll in my program or shortly after. Everyone has the same worry, “If I go to XYZ event and indulge it is going to totally throw me off track and wreck my progress. I’ll never get to eat anything fun again. I have to restrict myself to lose weight.”

I totally understand this fear! I have been there. There is a reason the word dieting has such a negative connotation. Every fad diet is one that includes heavy restriction. Low carb, low fat, whole 30, paleo. You name it, I have tried it. I have felt the restriction, constraint, frustration, sadness and anxiety that comes along with it. Enter the word lifestyle.

Dieting can be sustainable, enjoyable and effective if it is established as a lifestyle! The truth is life rarely gives us the perfect period of time to start/complete a diet program which is why so many of us have yo-yo dieted for years. We were never provided with the tools to create a lifestyle. So many women put off starting my program because of something on the calendar. I face-palm and shake my head every. single. time. When stuff is on the calendar is the BEST time to start my program! You'll have a coach to teach you how to navigate through it all!

It is not realistic to think your nutrition will be 100% every single day. What is realistic is for you to acknowledge what you’re putting in your body, no matter if it is good or bad, so that you create an awareness of self.

On a good day, yes you can track your macros and eat macro balanced meals. Pre-tracking these things are a great way to have awareness of your intentions on how to fuel your body.

This also leads into WHEN to eat. What to eat is important, but surprisingly enough WHEN to eat also has a significant impact. The most effective strategy for managing when to eat is to practice and adopt intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting does not require you to change what you’re eating, just to adjust your eating window. An eating window just means that you only eat between certain times during the day. For me, this is an 8 hours window, normally between noon and 8pm or a slight variation. There is SO much science behind why intermittent fasting is safe and effective! If you want to kick start your metabolism and shed a few pounds without adjusting your diet, give intermittent fasting a try! I am offering a FREE Intermittent Fasting 101 Facebook Coaching Group starting on September 16th. I can’t wait to teach you all the science behind it and how you can easily add it into your lives I will be teaching and available for coaching on IF specifically all week long within this community group.

If you want to be a part of the group, send me an email at or DM on Instagram or Facebook!

“But Lindsey, what about Labor Day Weekend BBQ's, birthday parties, girls night out and everything else?!”

Navigating social situations brings so many of my clients SO much anxiety! The good news is that you cannot be 100% at everything 100% of the time. If you know that you’re heading out with girlfriends on Friday night and you’re going to indulge in some champs and bar food, that’s okay! Make sure to get your workout in on Friday and Saturday and then enjoy a GUILT FREE night out! Apply this to any social situation. Your diet should be a lifestyle that allows and accommodates for your life! The biggest thing is to be guilt-free, enjoy yourself, and get RIGHT BACK ON TRACK the next day. The worst thing you can do is allow a fun night out to carry into a negative mindset in the following days.

When you combine what to eat, when to eat, and how to live your life unrestricted you will find yourself in a situation where the pounds are melting off, your mind is at peace and your body is thanking you for taking such good care of it! I challenge you to give intermittent fasting a try with me in September in my free Intermittent Fasting Facebook Group! Let it be your first step in the right direction to better health.



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