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This is me...

If the catchy tune from The Greatest Showman is running through your mind right now -- me too! This post might get long so I apologize in advance, but will love you forever if you read to the end. Sorry no fashion, food or weight loss transformations today.

I want to share my "new" story with you. You see...some of you have known me for a very long time and others not so much. I believe I have changed drastically over the last couple of months. I pride myself on being authentic and transparent with my flock so here we go...

Much to the surprise of most people in my life, I resigned from my successful corporate career in April. This was never really the plan when I decided to try my hand at coaching an online fitness + nutrition program. Even as I made more and more money from my coaching gig, resigning still wasn't in my "plan". It seemed like a profitable hobby.

The career I walked away from had been a good one...until it wasn't. I had worked hard for several promotions, and had even managed to negotiate a pretty legit part-time schedule once Beckham was born -- also never part of my "plan". Funny how that happens, huh? You'd think I would learn by now that I'm not in charge.

Anyway, a series of negative events transpired at work that hurt me deeply, and the more time I spent really thinking about what had transpired the more clear it became that the Universe was nudging my into my power. Urging me to take the next step to fulfilling my purpose in this life.

(I believe we were all put on this earth to fulfill a purpose. And God/the Universe desires that each of us step into our power and fulfill our purpose, but because we are humans we have "free will". Some make it to their purpose, like I have. And some remain stuck, often out of fear.)

During the "series of negative events" in my corporate career I had a few co-workers reach out to me for advice. It was during these conversations that I felt my soul light on fire. I'm talking the hair on my arms standing on end, chills down your spine.

I spoke to these women about knowing their worth, understanding their value and letting go of the fear that was holding them back from realizing their potential. MIC DROP. This is why I'm here. I am here to empower women with the confidence and clarity to transform their lives.

Ok -- sounds great, right?! But how on earth am I going to turn that into a money-making business? After all, in order to continue to do my life's work I have to have funds to do that. You know, things like food on the table, internet connection, tools, business coaches, etc.! I really didn't have a specific plan outside of continuing to run the online boot camps I had been running over the past year. My plan was to use those groups as my vehicle to deliver my empowerment message to the women that I was working with. Big problem....I never felt completely and fully fulfilled by it. My participant numbers began to drop off significantly and I was scared. At first, before I became the new me, I couldn't really understand why. Now it is very clear to me. I was coaching a program that was created by someone else. It wasn't my life's work. It wasn't my creation. It wasn't my purpose.

Then shit started to really go down. Changes were made to the program I was coaching and I knew it was time to make a hard right turn. I was scared shitless. I mean....I QUIT MY FREAKIN' JOB and things started spiraling out of my control. WTF now?!

So I started spending a lot of time in my head. I needed to understand what really lit me up inside. I hired a life coach and a mindset focused business coach. Two of the most significant investments I've made in myself or my business, but worth every penny. So here I am with less money than ever coming in and more money than ever going out....

Through the process of self-discovery my new mindset, lifestyle, fitness and nutrition program - The Empowered Method was born. Not only that, but I've opened a 1:1 coaching practice to allow me to do even more of the work that I love.

The person that I have become is so strange to me. So many events that have happened in my life now make so much sense. Nursing school didn't work out for me because I was wrought with grief from my Grandmother's unexpected passing. I thought I would never amount to anything after "failing" to become a nurse.....event after event that I have been through has lead me to this calling. The Universe and God are mysterious and powerful forces.

So why am I sharing this?

1. I want you to know that life can be different for you. You can follow your passion and stand in your power. If you are new to following me, you are watching it unfold in my life right before your eyes. I am no different than you.

2. If you've known me for a long time, know that I have changed. And know it is for the better. I am a better human, wife, daughter, mom, friend and coach for it.

And 3 -- mainly for myself -- I want to publicly call my long range dreams into reality. So what are my current hopes and dreams for my business?

-I would LOVE to have the funds and ability to host incredible women empowerment retreats. Long weekends held in beautiful destinations with women who want to step into their power.

-Write a book! Yep. I said it. I have no idea what it would be about at this point, but it's something that I feel deep down inside. It feels a few years off, but I'll let the Universe make that decision for me.

The journey has been unexpected, exhausting, exhilarating, not always easy, but incredibly fulfilling and has at times felt simply magical.

My hope is that through this post you know and understand "me" a little better. I hope you will continue to be part of my journey. All of the people that rally around me and cheer me on is what keeps me going.

And if you've read this far....God bless your soul. Please drop me a comment so I can personally thank you because I'm not convinced many people will make it to the end of this one!



P.S. - To my husband, my ride or die supporter, I love you deeply. Thank you for believing in me and all my crazy. To say that I am blessed to have you is an understatement.

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