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The Empowered Method® vs. FWTFL

One of the most common questions I'm asked is "How does The Empowered Method ® differ from the FWTFL". Today I'm breaking it down for you...

and let me be clear up front. This is in NO WAY a dig at/bashing/critique of the FWTFL. Many people, myself included, saw results from that program.

As you may or may not know, I was one of the first FWTFL coaches. For several reasons I made the decision not to renew my coaching certification with the FWTFL several months ago. This is in no way negative. Does the FWTFL work? Yep! Did I like aspects of the program? Yep!

So why did I create my own program?

In short -- I wanted control over the content and the pillars of the program. I think this is where it becomes confusing for some people. Maybe they think I took the FWTFL and put my spin on it and called it a day. In fact, it's quite opposite. I created my program from the ground up. I took it through several phases of beta testing before it morphed into it's current form. A 9 week, multi-phase, multi-disciplinary approach to fat loss.

So you might be wondering...what are the similarities between TEM + FWTFL?

-Tracking Macros

-Intermittent Fasting

-Facebook Community group

However none of the items above are mutually exclusive to TEM and/or FWTFL. Many fitness and nutrition programs incorporate these elements.

What makes The Empowered Method ® different?

-Lifestyle: TEM teaches a true and realistic way to live that stretches far beyond the specified length of a program. We learn how to eat and cook with real foods, enjoy fun foods that we love, and incorporate quick, yet effective workouts into our daily lives that can be done anywhere. Clients gain an understanding of how to navigate social situations while still losing weight.

-Mindset: I give you tangible tools that help you implement healthy changes into your lifestyle and make them stick. I provide 9 weeks of mindset related training that provide the level of support and detail needed to make changes that last for the long-term, not just for a set period of time. We go deep which is why my clients see tremendous results, and end up feeling deeply connected to their Empowered sisters.

-Access + Support: Clients have direct access to me, the program creator. I also have "flock assistants" that are well-versed veteran clients placed in each group to help provide white-glove level of service and support. Our philosophy is that no question goes unanswered. One of our core values is that each client feels fully supported throughout The Empowered Method ® .

-Registered Dietitian: The Empowered Method also has an in-house Registered Dietitian that helps with advanced nutritional needs. She is regularly providing new weekly meal plans, recipe ideas and sharing cooking skills.

-Resources: There are no buy ups with TEM. Everything is included in your registration fee. From the mindset workbook journal to the cook book. Everything you need to be successful is included in your purchase (with the exception of at-home workout equipment, of course!)

-Community: Our community is unmatched. My clients stay with me for months and months on end. Not because they don't have the tools to go at it alone, but because they love the community so much. Our flock is up-lifting, supportive and hilarious. We have created a postie place to retreat to on social media. Why go at it alone? It's so much more fun to do it together!

-Easy to understand: The program is broken down much like an online course. Prep week is provided as a video series so you can move through the content as quickly or as slowly as you want. You can watch and re-watch the training videos to make sure you really "get" each concept before moving on.

-Custom support is made available: This is my full time job. I make myself available within our community groups on a daily basis. If you need custom help or troubleshooting -- I'm there for you! I am regularly on live video within the groups as well to encourage, provide support and coaching.

If you are looking for a lifestyle change, look no further! Our next session begins on 3/18, and we would LOVE to welcome you into our incredible community. CLICK HERE to learn more! It will be the best investment you make all year.

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