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Taming the Sugar Dragon

Many of you know that I admittedly have a sweet tooth. And I have come to find after coaching over 500 clients that I am not alone. I want to share a few practical tips if you deal with a sweet tooth like me.

1. Stay hydrated! Often times we mistake dehydration for hunger. It's really easy to grab for a quick snack in the pantry when hunger strikes. If it's pre-packaged you can almost bet it contains sugar. If you want to know how much sugar a serving of something contains simply take the grams of sugar listed on the nutrition label and divide by 4. This will tell you the number of teaspoons of sugar that are in a serving.

I challenge you to take a look at a few things in your pantry and calculate the sugar content. You'll be surprised at how many things contain sugar, and more sugar than you probably realized like ketchup, salad dressing and mayo. I don't think we should demonize any particular foods, but the more you know the better you can do.

2. Identify what triggers you to reach for sugary treats. I often find myself reaching for them in times of boredom or in heightened emotional states. The key here is to identify the trigger, then replace the behavior (eating a sugary treat) with a healthier behavior like talking a walk, drinking a cup of tea, drinking flavored or sparkling water, call your mom...

3. Find healthier alternatives.

Some of my favorites include:

-Power Crunch Bars

-Oikos triple zero greek yogurt

-Dark Chocolate Bark Thins

-Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

-Halo Top Ice Cream

-Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars

and my No Bake Cookie Recipe (which I'm sharing with you below!)

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