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Stuck in a rut?

I’ve heard this over and over again this week. Both from my clients, friends on social media and random conversations. It's a common issue so don't feel alone in this.

Being stuck in a rut can become incredibly frustrating and defeating. You get on track with your exercise and nutrition plan for a few days, life happens, you “fall off”, you quit for a few days, start again -- wash/rinse/repeat. Nothing good comes from this cycle. It leaves you feeling burnt out, defeated, hopeless and STUCK. Ultimately many people end up giving up entirely and opting to settle for living in less than their ideal lives. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Stop working against yourself.


Here are my top tips for getting yourself OUT of the rut you are in:


  1. Ditch the fad diets you’ve been trying. Opt for a lifestyle plan that is simple and easy to follow. LIKE MINE! (shameless - I know!)

  2. Get an accountability partner, group or community!

  3. Hire a coach that is committed to your success.

  4. INVEST in a program that aligns with your goals.


I’m sure some of this seems self-serving. Hear me out. Would I love to be your coach? Absolutely. But I might not be the right one for you. Choose someone that inspires you, you can relate to and you like their vibe/energy. Having a coach is one of the quickest ways to get yourself unstuck. They’ve been in your shoes, they have likely created a plan that is easy to follow and effective. Stop trying to re-create the wheel when someone has already figured it out for you. Having a coach is the quickest way to jump-start your transformation and move you from point A to point B faster than ever before. This is exactly why I've personally invested thousands of dollars in a business coach.

Invest - I know what you are thinking..."she just wants me to GIVE HER ALL MY MONEY!" Haha! But that’s not really what it’s about for YOU. By putting money on the line you are mentally making a shift in your mindset. Once you invest a change happens internally. You have now paid for something and most of us don’t like to waste our hard earned dollars. Making an investment that might feel slightly painful is absolutely KEY to staying out of a rut.

Stay stuck in the cycle of on-again off-again is not serving you. In fact, it is likely leaving you worse off than before you started both mentally and physically. There is an easier way. Stop working against yourself!

If you have even the slightest interest in getting un-stuck it costs you NOTHING to check out my information page HERE. I would be honored to help you get out of your rut and FAST!



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