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How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

The most common question I’ve received lately is how to stay motivated to workout. Today I’ll share my top tips with you after working with over 200 women through my online programs.

  1. Start by finding your WHY. Why did you decide to start working out in the first place? Your why can be anything in the world. From deep to shallow. Don’t let fear of judgement hold you back from honing in on your true why. You will need to revisit it often to continue to show up. One of my “whys” is that working out puts be in a high vibration state. It helps me feel energized and ready to give my world the best version of myself. Another one of my “whys” is that I love fashion, and damnit it feels a whole let better getting dressed and trying on clothes when you look and feel better about yourself.  My most important “why” I workout is to have the energy to show up as a great mom to Beckham. Being a mom is tough and takes everything you’ve got. I cannot imagine trying to chase a wild toddler around while carrying extra weight (physical and/or emotional). Your why is personal to you. Write it down, keep it close, and be prepared to revisit it.

  2. Understand that it won’t always be easy and you won’t always be motivated. People ask me all the time how I stay so motivated, and the truth is – I don’t. Frankly, most mornings it takes sheer grit and a good kick in the arse to put my feet on the ground at 4:50 a.m. and head to my home gym. Two factors are at play here:

    • I have made working out in the morning a habit. It’s just what I do.

    • I focus on the outcome I am looking to achieve – energy for my family, my clients, and looking/feeling good in my own skin. If you focus on the negative thoughts you have about working out, feeling tired, or the litany of other excuses you have you most certainly will talk yourself out of just getting it done. Focus on the outcome you hope to achieve. Focus on the feeling you have once you’ve completed your workout.

  3. Find a program you actually enjoy. I cannot even begin to count how many of my clients start out with me saying that they hate working out, and are dreading that part of my program. By two weeks in they are singing a completely different tune. Not only are they enjoying the workouts, but they are actually looking forward to them!

  4. Invest in a coach. Accountability is key. First you need to INVEST money so you have the mental incentive to show up. I don’t know very many people that like to throw their hard earned money away. Second, you need to feel that someone is waiting for you to check in with them. Someone is counting on you to show up for yourself and put in the hard work it takes to accomplish your goals. Find someone that you connect with and can relate to. I have made the mistake more than once hiring a coach that I just simply didn’t feel a connection with, which lead to me not being very engaged.

The online programs that I run are a great way to get started. You will have a coach that is passion and invest in your success along with like-minded women going through the process along with you. We find our tribes when it comes to raising our kids, it’s time to find a tribe of women to help you take care of yourself.

The next group starts with PREP WEEK on Monday. Jumping in now might seem last minute, but the timing is perfect. We use prep week as a learning week to prepare us for the official DAY 1 on Monday 5/14. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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