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How Do You Show Up for Yourself?

Lately I’ve been reflecting on my goals for the year, and how I want to take things to the next level in my life. This has led me to think a lot about how I show up for myself on a daily basis. I truly believe that one purpose I am meant to fulfill in this life is helping others feel better about themselves, and empowering them to believe they are capable of accomplishing their dreams. But how am I doing this for myself??

How I dress has become a direct reflection of how I feel about myself. I know I bring value to the table so I dress that way. I want to be perceived the way that I feel inside. I know I am strong, confident, sassy and smart. My wardrobe, make up and hair are a direct reflection of those things.

How you feel about yourself is what you will attract in the world. Presenting yourself in a certain manner isn’t about how you look to others. It’s a reflection of how you feel about yourself on the inside. I’ve been highly criticized for my expensive shoes and handbags, but they are a reflection of the confidence and womanly power I feel from within. That feeling is going to be a little different and be reflected differently by each person, but I challenge you to think about how you are showing up and honoring yourself on a daily basis.

Over the last few years I have found myself watering my personality down to suit others, and it fit into a “box” that I felt I was expected to fit in. I came to the realization a few days ago that this had really lead me to lose a bit of myself. I felt like I had lost my “edge”. Just recently I had an awakening. I mean what in the HECK Lindsey?! I am 32 years old, I never have been everyone’s cup of sweet tea and I never will. And that’s okay. It’s time for me to own that, be comfortable with that, and lean into that feeling. Now I’m not saying I should run the streets and act like a raging pit bull, but it’s okay to be completely confident in who I am as a person whether it suits others or not. I am smart enough to know when to tone things down, but there is a stark difference between toning yourself down and watering yourself down. I am done watering myself down to please others.

This is really where fitness and fashion go hand in hand for me. I felt confident on the inside, but it didn’t reflect on the outside. I also couldn’t be my very best because I wasn’t properly taking care of myself. This isn’t about a size or a number on the scale. It’s about honoring who you are and showing up for yourself daily. You are special, you are uniquely you, and you deserve to honor yourself. It’s impossible for you to give the very best version of yourself to your loved ones if you aren’t being the best version YOU can be. We all have people in our lives that we care deeply for, and I know many of you reading this desire to give them the best effort and love possible.

For years I bought designer handbags to fill a void that I felt within myself. They always fit. They never got too tight. They never betrayed me like my skinny jeans! Once I found my way to the best fitness and nutrition program on the market for women, The FASTer Way To Fat Loss, I rediscovered my love for fashion. I learned that I love putting together outfits that reflect the way I feel inside. In the spring and summer you will often find me in bold, colorful prints because it is a direct reflection of how I feel about myself and my personality. This is how I show up for myself every day. This is how I honor how I feel on the inside. By honoring what makes me feel good and what I love, I’m able to chase my dreams confidently. I had no plans of starting a business last year….but look what happened when I honored myself? I’ve grown a small fitness business to help support my family, and I’ve had the incredible opportunity to help hundreds of women on their own journeys. Now that’s something special. Never in a million years did I think I would have the opportunity to help women feel strong, empowered, and inspired.

I owe it to myself to do the things I love and so do you! To put on makeup, high heels, clothes, and handbags that make me feel good and give me to confidence to take on the world. Now let’s be real…there will be days that you find me slumming at Target in sweatpants with no make up on! My point is — show up for yourself in whatever way speaks to you, do what makes you feel powerful and confident, and be unapologetically YOU. Because that truly is your greatest gift in this world. No one else is you.

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