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Arm Toning Upper Body Workout for Women

HEY GIRL! This arm circuit is great for building the upper body/arm muscles! HELLO TANK TOP SEASON! 🖐 The exercise moves are meant to be performed circuit style 4x12, meaning you do each move for 12 reps and quickly move on to the next move listed. Take 60 seconds rest after completing one full set of all 7 exercises. Then perform them all again for a total of 4 rounds.

This type of strength training is a major time-saver and keeps the intensity high for some major fat burning and efficiency.


  • Dumbbells

  • Floor/yoga mat (optional)

  • Resistance Band

THE WORKOUT: Repeat the circuit below 4x’s through

12 reps per move

  1. Full range push ups

  2. Preacher curls

  3. Banded tricep pull downs (R + L)

  4. Upright row

  5. Bicep curl in to hammer curl

  6. Single arm tricep extension

  7. Side plank @ 40 seconds (R+L)

INSTRUCTIONS: Full range push ups:

  • Keep your shoulders, spine, and hips in a straight line.

  • Lengthen your spine to keep your back straight.

  • Make sure your hips don't sag down or point upward.

  • Look at a spot on the floor ahead of you as you keep your neck neutral.

  • Engage your core and gluteal muscles when you do the exercise.

Squatting Preacher curls:

  • Squat down so your hamstrings are touching your calves.

  • Keep your chest upright, with a strong flat back.

  • Position yourself with elbows just on the inside of your knees

  • Bend your elbows to contract your biceps, curling the dumbbells to your shoulders.

  • Under control, slowly reverse the movement and repeat.

Banded tricep pull downs (R + L):

  • Place a resistance band around left wrist holding at your left shoulder.

  • Grab the other end of resistance band with right hand (palm facing down) just below chest height.

  • Keeping your elbows tight into your side and drive your right hand down towards your waist.

  • Hold for a second and then bring your hand back up to just below chest height.

  • Repeat for both arms.

Upright row:

  • Stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart.

  • Grasp the dumbbells so that your palms are facing inward, your arms fully extended, elbows slightly bent. This is your starting position.

  • Keeping the dumbbells close to your body, exhale as you raise them straight up until they are just under your chin.

  • Hold for a moment and then inhale as you reverse the motion back to the starting position.

Bicep curl in to hammer curl:

  • Standing tall with your feet about hip-width apart.

  • Keep your abdominal muscles engaged.

  • Hold one dumbbell in each hand.

  • Let your arms relax down at the sides of your body with palms facing forward.

  • Bend at the elbow and lift the weights so that the dumbbells approach your shoulders.

  • Lower the weights to the starting position.

  • Turn palms to face inward.

  • Curl the dumbbells as close to your shoulders as you can.

  • Lower the weights to the starting position & repeat.

Single arm tricep extension:

  • Hold a dumbbell in one hand directly behind your head.

  • Keep elbow bent and pointed towards the ceiling.

  • Extend through your elbow until your arm is straight and the dumbbell is directly above you. Lower your arm back to starting position and repeat.

Side plank @ 40 seconds (R+L):

  1. Lie on your side, legs extended and stacked from hip to feet.

  2. The elbow of your arm is directly under your shoulder.

  3. Ensure your head is directly in line with your spine.

  4. Your other arm can be aligned along the side of your body.

  5. Engage your abdominal muscles, drawing your navel toward your spine.

  6. Lift your hips and knees from the mat & hold for 40 seconds.


I see you over there busy, lady. You are juggling ALL . THE . THINGS. so you can serve the needs of everyone that depends on you. While it seems like you’ve got everything all together - you’ve been riding the struggle bus when it comes to losing the stubborn weight you can’t seem to part with.

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And EVERYTHING worked...until it didn’t.

Why? Because life got busy, holidays happened, sickness ran through your house and you lost your motivation. You got tired of going at it alone and lost all will power to keep pushing through.

You’ve told yourself getting fit, healthy and toned just "isn’t for you".

You’ve tried everything and failed at everything.

You’ve told yourself you didn’t have the time, the money or the motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. You’ve given in to the idea that you are meant to hold on to the extra weight you so desperately want to get rid of.

You are tired of trying and don’t want to put your hope into one more thing that might not work for you. You’ve been there, done that and DON’T want to do it again.

Somewhere deep inside of you, there is a belief that says you are just not the gal who is going to be strutting her stuff in a two-piece this summer feeling confident and at peace with her body.

I understand.

I’ve been there. In fact, I spent 10 years trying to trudge through the muddy waters of dieting in my quest to be the best version of myself. If there was a wrap, shake, pill, insane workout DVD, or containers to jam my food into -- I’ve tried it! When I say I’ve tried it all I mean it - just consult my bank account for some proof! I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars and so much time trying to find the “Easy” button when it came to getting lean, fit and toned. I felt like a failure like I wasn’t meant to be lean and toned. I felt a lot like you do right now.

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Through years of personal research I learned about some simple, but wildly powerful nutritional strategies that not only promoted fat loss but massively increased my energy. I learned how to workout effectively in less time, so I could do all the wife, mom, work tasks that needed to get done without skipping my sweat sesh. And if I did, I learned that it wasn't the of the world.

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The Empowered Method is designed to help you do just that. There are a million weight loss program on the market today. Most of them will get you some kind of result for a little while. However, few will get you lasting results. Why?

Because while they all teach you some type of nutritional strategy and some type of workout- BUT they don't teach you how to address the beliefs, lifestyle habits and mindset blocks that are holding you back from turning those strategies into a way of life.

If you want your BEST body, then you have to become your BEST self.

That requires so much more than a diet and some workouts.

That requires The Empowered Method®

The Empowered Method® is way more than a weight loss program - it’s a community.

A safe space to crush all of your limiting beliefs, rebuild an abundant way of thinking and learn how to shed fat without sacrificing the foods you love, your social life or your sanity.

During The Empowered Method® ...

  • You will lose weight, inches and fat.

  • You will have WAY more energy to love on your family and do your job.

  • You will feel in control of your food choices and learn how to choose what your body needs.

  • You will enjoy the foods you love - hello pizza and birthday cake!

  • You will find lifelong friends - real moms that are encouraging, uplifting and just like you.

  • You will deal with your mindset blocks and learn how to stop the thinking that is holding you back.

  • You will develop routines that will remove such a strong need for willpower.

  • You will find your strength, your identity, and your purpose.

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Not convinced? Check out some of these amazing success stories from women JUST LIKE YOU.

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