Meet the Team!


Owner | Program Creator| Coach | Fitness Instructor


Coach | Fitness Instructor

I am a medical provider, The Empowered Method veteran and coach.  I started working with Lindsey in January 2020.  Today, I am truly the healthiest, mind and body, I have ever been.  I am stronger, leaner and incredibly more energized than I ever thought possible.  I am living empowered, confident and as my best self.  


I currently work as Physician Assistant in primary care.  I also have a Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training.  My career as a Physician Assistant includes time serving in the United States Air Force as well as Orthopedics, Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care.  


My journey to weight loss started as a young child, and trust me when I say, I have tried it all.  In my college years I finally got thin, but not in a “healthy” way.  I was a collegiate athlete and highly overtrained and highly restricted my diet.  This was obviously not sustainable.  The weight piled on year after year.  I would lose some in my hunt for the “quick” fix, but it never lasted, and more weight would eventually pile on.  I knew as a medical provider that I needed to get healthy, I was overweight and on the verge of obesity, and with that comes many health risks.  I knew this time around I needed to find a healthy program and one that was a lifestyle and something that I could sustain for a lifetime.  With TEM I learned about balanced nutrition, mindset, routines and SO much more.  This allowed me to lose fat for good, all while building muscle and increasing endurance as well.  Not only has TEM made me healthy, mind and body; TEM has made me a better wife, daughter, friend, medical provider and overall person.     


It is an honor and passion of mine to help other women feel their best and live as their best and healthiest self.  I love being able to bring my expertise as a medical professional and athlete to the program.  I truly look forward to working and growing with you!


Coach | Event Coordinator

I have been involved with Lindsey Bush Coaching & The Empowered Method since the pilot program in 2018. Lindsey’s programs have truly changed my life in so many ways. I love being able to connect with and walk alongside those in The Empowered Method as they experience the mindset growth, meet goals they thought were impossible, and change their lives.


Lindsey is one-of-a-kind coach, and I am so lucky to be a part of her team! When with my husband, our son, Hudson and our dog, Ellie.


Trainer | Fitness Instructor


My name is Terra Kennett and I have been a member of the Flock since June 2020 and LOVE IT. I have lost 21 pounds and 19 inches. Feeling better in my skin since my mid 30s. I am a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and retired Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor. Almost 30 years invoved in some fashion with exercise science. I am a wife and mother of 2 daughters, my youngest will be a highschool senior next year, I can't believe how time flies! I also have 2 boxers that I love dearly.


I now work for my husband's company as the Accounts Payable Director. Joining TEM has reignited my love for teaching and I am blessed that Lindsey has encouraged me to record some workouts for the Flock!! As I have had 3 knee surgeries, a neck and shoulder injury; I struggle with arthritis in both knees, full spine and right shoulder. I have good days but also have plenty of not so good ones. My experience in physical therapy has given me wonderful experience in modifying  exercises to allow us to still challenge ourselves and get the most out of our workouts without causing pain or further limitations.


I am so excited to be a part of this group and continue sharing with all of you. Seeing all of your smiling sweaty selfies each morning is what gets me going!


Trainer | Fitness Instructor


My name is Jenny Anticoli and I have been a member of The Empowered Method since August 2020. I am trained and certified as a Classical Pilates Instructor and have been teaching for 13 years. I am so happy to be able to bring Pilates workouts to the TEM portal.


As an endurance athlete, the benefit Pilates has given me has been invaluable. I am loving how adding TEM strength training to my Pilates practice is increasing my strength and stamina even more.  The workouts I will be providing will include exercises that increase your stretch, stamina, strength and stability.

As a wife, mom of two teenage boys and business owner, The Empowered Method has helped me find the balance that I have been missing.  I am so grateful for the mindset work and goal setting mentoring as well as the amazing workouts and vital nutrition coaching.
This Flock is a true gift and I appreciate being on this journey with you!


Assistant | Brand Manager


I'm Lindsey’s assistant and director of brand marketing. My background and degree is in media branding and visual design. I'm fueled by a passion for clean & beautifully branded marketing across all platforms. 

I believe that mindfulness in the workplace is a huge key to success - a principle that I try to live out through my interests in gardening and spiritual growth. I'm also currently working as a freelancer with a limited client base.

When I'm not busy designing, you'll find me being a #girlmom to my two daughters, being a pastor’s wife, & spending time outdoors.