Thank you for your interest in my 7 Day travel fitness program, Fitness on the Fly!

I was noticing a theme among many of my repeat clients. They would work really hard leading up to a vacation, crush their goals, only to come back to me a few months later having gained weight. After lots of chatting, I learned that these ladies had fallen off track on vacation and allowed a downward spiral to ensue. I knew there had to be a better way! Enter Fitness on the Fly...


A luxurious travel-based fitness and nutrition program designed to keep you feeling great ON vacation and help you bounce right back into your routine faster than ever before. My hope is that you will purchase this program and use it for trips upon trips in the future.

You will even have lifetime access to my Facebook community group for coaching, q&a, and support for all of your future trips. I am truly proud of this program and I an confident it’s contents will help you solve the on again off again merry-go-round that travel can cause.

Who is Fitness on the Fly designed for?

  • You’ve been working hard on your fitness but tend to go off the rails on vacation

  • You want someone else to guide you through how to handle your nutrition/fitness on vacation

  • The idea of continuing your fitness journey on vacation makes you nervous or gives you anxiety

  • You are unsure how to handle your fitness journey and nutrition while traveling

  • You want tried and true “get back on track” tips


What is included with my purchase?

  • A convenient 7 day workout program that can be done ANYWHERE – with bonus tabata workout included!

  • Diet tips

  • Packing list with product links