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You’re staying at home and doing your part to slow the spread and...

with all this time on your hands you want something positive to focus your extra time and energy on.

You want to make the most of your time, but don't know how to end this season feeling better than when it started.


You don't want to be THAT GIRL that gains the dreaded "quarantine fifteen" from all the stress-eating/drinking. And I don't blame you.

You are clear on what you don't want to happen, but you're not totally sure how to make it happen effectively. 

I've got just the plan for you - Empowered in the Pandemic.



1. Intermittent fasting

2. Macro tracking

3. High-touch accountability and support

4. High intensity interval training

5. Weight lifting

6. Mindset shifting



This is not some crazy crash diet. Y'all know me better than that. It is simply taking the concept of flexible dieting and marrying it with strategic workouts to maximize fat burn. Along with first in class support this program is exactly what you need to give yourself to THRIVE in this season.

What's included with my purchase?

  • program guide

  • 33 days of at-home friendly workouts

  • facebook community group coaching/accountability/training

  • optional 1:1 accountability coaching 

  • weekly group coaching calls

  • 7 day meal plan

Next steps:

Step 1: Purchase Empowered in the Pandemic @ $99 (pay in full and payment plan available)

Step 2: Review the comprehensive program guide in advance of prep weekend beginning on 4/10

Step 3: get excited not only survive but THRIVE in this season!

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