Empowered in 30 (2021 Rebrand) Web Heade
So you want RESULTS... but you have no idea where to start?
I've got you, girl!
Chances are you are here because, like me, you’ve tried every freakin’ diet on the planet. Or maybe you've been exercising consistently for awhile yet you aren't seeing the progress you expected. You think you've been watching your nutrition for a while yet you aren't seeing results. 
You want to get lean, fit, and toned...
You are dying to feel comfortable in your own skin...
You know you want to see progress, but you are tired of feeling so restricted...
You are ready for clarity around how you should be eating paired with how you should be exercising to maximize your results. BUT you aren't willing to give up your favorite foods or drinks entirely - me either, and you don't have to! It's time to get unstuck, sister.

And I know just the way to do it.

At the end of Empowered in 30 you will have a clear picture of how to fuel your body for performance and fat loss. You will have a firm understanding about how to lay out your weekly workouts in a way that maximizes your time AND results.

Throughout Empowered in 30, we will focus on:​

1. Habits and Routines
2. Mindset
3. Intermittent Fasting
4. Macro Tracking (with a focus on protein and calories)
5. Cardio: HIIT + LISS
6. Strength Training


Hi! I’m Lindsey Bush. Wife, mama to two littles, and creator of the life-changing mindset/fitness/nutrition program – The Empowered Method


Women from all around the world have transformed their minds and bodies through my programming.  After working with thousands of women I’ve uncovered the consistently missing elements that ultimately cause women just like you to fall short of their goals time and time again. 


Through Empowered in 30 am giving you a jump start to finally seeing the progress you are after. My clients that have implemented my simple, efficient and effective strategies have blown their goals out of the water.


Maybe you are reading this thinking you've started about 15 different weight loss attempts only to quit a few weeks in...Trust me when I say, you are not alone.

My approach is practical and effective. I designed it for women just like you.

..you're busy

...you're frustrated

...you're tired of starting and stopping

...you're tired of feeling like you failed

...you're wondering if you are broken

...you just want results already

If you ARE NODDING YES then empowered in 30 was created for you.

What's included in my purchase of Empowered in 30?

  1. Comprehensive Program Guide that outlines our mindset, nutrition and fitness strategies in detail and how to marry them together to achieve maintainable results.

  2. Daily accountability from both Lindsey and the TEM coaches

  3. On-boarding coaching session via zoom

  4. A community of like-minded women to support you on your journey to a better, more grounded version of yourself

  5. 7 Day Sample Meal Plan

  6. Calorie calculation guidance

  7. 4 weeks of workout plans that can be done at home or in a gym setting

  8. Access to my on-demand workout video library

  9. Macro Tracking Guide

  10. Protein Cheat Sheet

  11. Macro Cheat Sheet

  12. Meal Prep Guide


Test me out for 30 days. I am so confident in my ability to accelerate your weight loss efforts that I am giving anyone that participates in Empowered in 30 a $99 discount into my next session of The Empowered Method. Making this investment a no brainer!


It's in TEM that we go deep on mindset and strategy. I will teach you exactly what you need to do to make progress, accomplish your goals and see results without giving up foods you love or your social life.


you ready? only 30 days to a leaner & empowered you!

***All of the coaching and check-ins will take place in The Empowered Method app!***

Next steps:

Step 1: Register to purchase Empowered in 30 @ $129.

Step 2: download "The Empowered method" mobile app.

Step 3: Get excited for an empowered mindset and a stronger you!

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