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  • What is the Empowered method?
    The Empowered Method is a 7 week guided group program where you'll learn to track your custom macros, along with learning the most strategic and effective way to workout to maximize your results and time in the gym. All of the workouts can be done at home or in a gym setting with minimal equipment. Along with 7 weeks of written workouts you will also have access to The Empowered Method On Demand Workout Video Library. This library contains several full length, follow along workouts if that's more your speed.
  • What makes The Empowered Method different?
    Our MINDSET work. Hands down. I teach my clients the most important mindset tools to transform their thinking. You cannot change your body (for the long term) if you don't first change your mindset. We work through the all or nothing mentality, how to better understand motivation, how to keep going when things get tough, and so much more.
  • Am I a good fit for this program?
    If you find yourself lacking energy, wanting to feel more comfortable in your skin and ready to make some changes that steer your daily habits in a direction of a healthy lifestyle then The Empowered Method is for you. We are a strong community of like-minded women that support and uplift one another. I am going to teach you what it takes to see results, and if you follow my programming it WILL WORK but only if you do. Many people are willing to do whatever it takes, but they are willing to do it for as long as it takes. The Empowered Method is not a quick fix, crash dieting program. I will not promise extreme weight loss in short time frames as it is simply unhealthy.
  • What does the accountability component look like?
    You'll be asked to check in daily via The Empowered Method's app where you'll be coached by myself and my Empowered Method coaches. In addition to daily accountability I also offer office hours where you'll have direct 1:1 access to me for questions, concerns, troubleshooting, planning, etc.
  • What happens on Day 1?
    The first week of the program is prep week. We spend the entire first week of the program walking through all of the program components before hitting the ground running. I have created a success formula that breaks the program down into digestible lessons. This helps us lay a solid foundation before we go "all in". If your program is titled 3/14 session then the 14th will be the first day of prep week.
  • Is it okay to participate if I'm breastfeeding?
    Yes! However, there are some things we may need to modify. Throughout the program we will listen to your body, and continually keep an eye on your milk supply. We will be sure to check on your caloric intake, because when you are living in too big of a calorie deficit and doing crazy, intense workouts, your milk supply can absolutely be affected. The Empowered Method is designed to fuel your body in a way that is perfectly safe for nursing moms.
  • Do I need to purchase any shakes or supplements to participate in this program?
    No! While I am happy to share the products I use and love, none of them are required to participate. I am a huge proponent of fueling your body with real food, and this program is based on that premise. Nothing is required but hard work, consistency, and a willingness to try something new..
  • Do I have to follow a strict meal plan?
    Absolutely not. I am fully convinced that the reason most people are unable to maintain their weight loss results is that they never learned how to properly fuel their bodies in the first place. I am going to teach you how to eat foods you enjoy while making progress towards your goals. With The Empowered Method nothing is off-limits. I will teach you how to incorporate "fun foods" in a way that won't derail your progress. My nutrition goal is that you rarely, if ever, feel deprived. Two weeks into the programming you should be able to say "I can see myself eating like this for the rest of my life."
  • Do you include a meal plan?
    I include sample meal plans as part of the program deliverables, but it is my hope that my clients use these plans as guides when creating a meal plan for themselves that includes food they enjoy vs. what a coach told them to eat.
  • Do you teach intermittent fasting?
    Intermittent Fasting is not a type of diet, but an eating schedule. Your body is always in one of two states: fed or fasted. In the fed state (anytime your body is digesting food), your body’s insulin levels make burning fat a challenge. However, in the fasted state (8-12 hours after your body finishes digesting), your insulin levels are lower and better able to reach into your fat stores. People rarely go into a fasted state throughout the day. In fact, the traditional theory of several small meals per day keeps us from ever reaching the fasted state. In addition, that type of eating schedule regularly spikes our insulin levels which also hinders fat loss, and actually causes you to feel hungry soon after eating. So, while eating several small meals per day can lead to weight loss (calorie deficits always do), you will likely be losing both muscle and fat. When you lose calorie burning muscle, you lower your metabolic rate and make it harder for your body to burn fat. Please note that intermittent fasting is not required for weight loss or to see results. It's simply one tool in our toolkit that you will learn about during The Empowered Method.
  • How can I work using my Peloton into your programming?
    In case you didn't know I am a Peloton fanatic! It has helped me fall in love with cardio. At the beginning of the program I will walk you through exactly how and when in our workout schedule to use your peloton. PLEASE NOTE: A peloton or any other cardio equipment is not required.
  • Do I need a gym membership to complete this program?
    No. You will need a short list of equipment at home to be successful with the workouts. Please see the list on the following FAQ drop down.
  • What equipment do I need?
    Ideally you will need a light, medium and heavy set of dumbbells based on your own personal strength. I often recommend a pair of 5lbs, 10lbs and one set heavier based on your current strength level. An adjustable weight bench is a "nice to have", but is not required!
  • What are the workouts like?
    During The Empowered Method you will learn what the most effective balance between cardio and strength training is. You will likely be very surprised. We will be heavily focused on strength based training. Numerous studies have proven that strength-based training is superior when it comes to seeing and maintaining results. Strength training helps you build and retain muscle mass. The more muscle on your body, the more calories you burn at rest. And don't stress about "bulking up". It's nearly impossible for the average woman to achieve a "bulky" physique without supplementation.
  • Am I required to be on Facebook to join the program?
    No. The Empowered Method is hosted in a mobile application.
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