Frequently asked questions

Are you going to tell me exactly what to eat on this program?

The short answer is no. While I will be providing a 7 day sample meal plan, snack guide, approved foods list/grocery shopping list this program is designed to teach you how to eat foods you actually enjoy. The reason being, whatever you do to lose the weight you will need to continue to do to keep the weight off. If I simply provide you with a strict meal plan that doesn't necessarly include foods that YOU enjoy, you will eventually go back to your old eating habits. My goal is to "teach you to fish" so to speak. I am going to teach you how to effectively track and manage your macros to fuel your body with foods that you enjoy so you can maintain your results for the long haul.

What equipment is needed to be successful in the program?

The workouts structured to be completed at home or in a traditional gym setting. If you are working out at home I reccomend having the following:

While not required, I highly suggest using a food scale to ensure you are consuming proper portions.

Are other products or supplements required?

No! Nothing else is required in order to see fantastic results while following my program. You will be given the opportunity to purchase a custom Juice Cleanse throughout our time together, but you are under no obligation to do so, and it will not make your break your success within the program. I will also at times share my favorite foods, supplements, tools, etc., but again, I will not be pushing products on you within The Empowered Method.

What if I haven't worked out in a long time?

That's totally okay! The workouts are written to be easily modified for a beginner, but will also be extremely effective for someone more advanced. I am happy to help you troubleshoot and navigate modifications during our laser coaching sessions.

Tell me more about the nutrition portion of the program...

Think "clean eating" 80% of the time. I will be teaching you how to enjoy treats guilt-free and navigate social situations while still losing weight during our time together. We will be practicing macro tracking with specific macro guidelines along with mindful eating. We will fuel our bodies for optimal energy levels and performance. We will be practicing intermittent fasting daily, along with an optional extended fasting period each week.

What supplements do you take on a regular basis?

I am a firm believer that a powerful gut health supplement is crutial to our overall wellness. My beliefs and experience around supplements is that they are a tool in your toolkit. You cannot take a supplement and eat poorly/not exerise and expect to magically be thin and healthy. However, if you do not have a healthy gut microbiome your absorption of the nutrients you are consuming will be compromised. Almost all people should be taking a powerful probiotic at a minimum. Please note that most drug store probotics are ineffective. The bacteria is usually dead upon arrival in your gut. I have tested, and stand behind the Plexus family of products. The bacteria contained in their products are freeze dried, therefore they actually make it into your gut! I personally use the Triplex Combo on a daily basis, and cannot see myself going off the supplements EVER. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to learn more about how to support your overall gut health.

How is the group portion of the program hosted?

I host The Empowered Method in Facebook Community groups. The coaching and trainings will take place via Facebook Live or using Zoom Video Conferencing. While it is not required that you join Facebook to participate, you will be missing out on key elements of the program if you do not. My policy on questions is that no question goes un-answered in my groups, however all of the questions will be addressed on our group page and in our group coaching sessions. I do not field private message questions unless they are of personal nature that are not well suited for the group calls. This is simply due to volume and effeciency issues. I am HAPPY and honored to address any and all questions, I simply ask that you follow my procedures so I am able to most effective run the program.

Do I have to give up alcohol on your program?

The short answer is girl, no! We have to live a little! The long answer is that I might suggest that you modify your alcohol consumption. So what does that look like? I will suggest: -avoid sugar laden cocktails (opt for spiked sparkling water or spirits and flavored water or blended fruit) -choose dry wine or champagne over sweet wine -for the love of everything holy drink some darn water (most of us aren’t 21 anymore and we don’t recover like we used to) -I opt to drink 1 time per week. Twice max. Some of my clients indulge more, some less. -view alcohol consumption as an indulgence, not a habit. If you are drinking every day I will suggest that you replace that habit with a new, healthier habit (unwind with a cup of tea, kombucha, bath, book, walk, etc.) So….are you ready to clink glasses and join me or what?!

How do you eat on The Empowered Method if you are cooking for a family? I don't want to make two separate meals.

With TEM no foods are off limits. We are tracking macros. So as long as your foods, dinners included, fit into our macro breakdown you are free to eat it. I encourage my mamas to plug their family dinners into MyFitnessPal first and build the rest of the days around it based on the macros (carbs/fat/protein) they have left after accounting for the dinner they will share with their families. You can also eat as a family and swap a side for yourself. For example - let’s say your family is having burgers, fries and a salad for dinner. Maybe you choose to eat the burger without a bun or wrapped in lettuce and instead of fries you choose to have cottage cheese or fruit. Now remember, fries aren’t off limits however you may want to choose a more complex carbohydrate. That is totally up to you. . In TEM we are al about a healthy lifestyle. I am personally feeding a family and so are most of my clients! It’s 100% doable. And you might just find that with all of the resources included in your purchase that you find some new family favorites in one of the meal plans or Empowered Eating Recipe guide!

How many days do you workout on The Empowered Method?

Each week is written as 5 workouts. 2 cardio sessions and 3 strength training sessions. You are given two active recovery days! Rest is an integral part of the program, however I do include bonus Ab and Shoulder workouts on Sunday for those of you looking to add a little something extra! All of the workouts are written to be done at home or in the gym!