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The Empowered Method
The Empowered Method
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You now understand that fueling your body appropriately is the first step towards healing your sluggish metabolism, and ultimately necessary for your end goal of fat loss. The next step is determining what fueling YOUR individual metabolism should look like.


This is accomplished through a Custom Macro Calculation.

What is included in my purchase for $39?

  • Customized calorie and macronutrient setting tailored to you based on a detailed questionnaire that you will complete. 

  • Calorie Cycling schedule should you wish to have more flexibility on the weekends

  • Macro Tracking Guide

  • Meal Prep Guide

  • Macro Cheat Sheet

  • Macro Balanced Snack Guide


After receiving your payment and completed questionnaire form, you will receive your custom setting via email. Please allow at least 2 business days turnaround time. Please note, this purchase is for custom macro calculations only. No coaching or workouts are included with this purchase.


If you're looking for a way to stay on track and meet your nutrition goals without the accountability of our trainers and flock, getting a customized macro calculation could be the perfect next step for your fitness journey.
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